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RV Maintenance Video Series - Educational How To DVD's

DVD Contents

Almost 7 Hours of Live Demonstrations

All three of these professionally produced DVD sets include over two hours of valuable maintenance information in each set. In all 3 sets, you will find over 80 topics covered and up to 7 hours of live demonstrations by host John Grim. You will surely have a great deal at your disposal when it comes to taking good care of your diesel pusher motorhome, travel trailer, or 5th wheel.  Our passion and love for the RV life style is evident from the dedication and time we invested into this set and we hope you will enjoy the series as much as we loved creating it for you.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority at Home On The Road.

Purchase Options

Depending on what you are looking for to take care of your RV, you can purchase one, two, or all three DVD sets.  Buy any one set of two DVD's for $39.95! Purchasing two or more sets will save you money!  That is, buy any two sets, or four DVD's for $73.98! Buying all three sets, that's six DVD's, will only cost you $99.99!  Hurry and take advantage now while these savings last! Our goal is to help you understand the ins and outs of your recreational vehicle and save you money on your year to year maintenance.

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Check out the contents page below, view four of our YouTube Videos taken directly from each set from the Home On The Road series on our YouTube channel, then head on over to our store to see all of the purchasing options.  All items will be shipped immediately, 

RV Maintenance DVD Series Contents

Diesel Pusher Chassis Maint

Disc 1 

Drain Engine Oil & Coolant + Change Oil & Coolant Filters + Check, Clean or Replace Air Filter + Allison Transmission Filters + Lubricating Drive Shaft + Adding and Checking Engine Oil + Checking Other Lubricants & Fan Belts + Checking Antifreeze + Checking Rear Brake Slack Adjusters + Checking Rear Tires for Dry Rot & Wear + Checking Rear Electric Hydraulic Jacks + Checking Air Bags & Ride Height Valves + Rear Differential Fluid Check + Air Dryer Removing, Testing & Repairing + Ride Height Valve Replacement + Grease The Front End

RV Maintenance: Propane & Electrical Systems

Disc 1

Show Introduction + Motorhome Exteriors Gel Coat vs Paint + Propane, Electrical & Plumbing Systems + Propane Tanks + Propane Gauges & Fittings + Propane Pressure Regulators + Propane System Safety Tests + Propane Pressure Drop Down Leak Test + Propane Manometer Drop Down Leak Test + Propane Absorption Refrigerators  + Electric Absorption Refrigerators + Absorption Refrigerator Burner Clarification, Propane Stoves

RV Maintenance: Batteries, Plumbing, Roof, Awning, Steps, Tow Bars, etc.

Disc 1

Propane, Electrical & Plumbing (cont'd) +Maintaining Chassis & House Batteries +Chassis & House Electrical Disconnects + Heavy Duty Circuit Breakers +Plumbing Bay + Waste Water Holding Tanks + Dump Valves & Macerator Waste Pumps + Potable Fresh Water Holding Tank + Water Filter & Replacing Water Pump + Water Hoses & Screens + Filters & Pressure Regulators, Electric Step Service + Roof & Roof Air Conditioner Maintenance + Roof Air Conditioner Filter Cleaning

Diesel Pusher Chassis Continued

Disc 2

Alternating Current (AC) Basics + Diesel Generator Service + Electric Step Service + Electric Hydraulic Jack System Service + Front Wheel Hub Lube + Front Tire Check + Check Tire Air Pressure & Fill If Needed + Chassis & House Batteries + Series & Parallel Battery Configurations + Cleaning & Testing Batteries + Converters, Inverters, Combo Units, Fuse Panel + Chassis & Coach Electrical Disconnects + Heavy Duty Circuit Breakers + Compressed Air Outlet + Engine Air Filter Minder - Air Intake Box + Change & Prime Fuel & Water Separator Filters

Program Length: 2 Hours, 8 Minutes

Propane & Electrial Syst Continued

Disc 2

Propane & Electric Hot Water Heaters + Propane Furnaces + 110 Volt AC Shore RV Site Power + Testing & Connect Shore Power + 110 Volt AC Power On Board Generators + 110 Volt AC Power Auto Transfer Switch + Inverters & Converters + 12 Volt DC to 110 Volt AC Inverters + 110 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC Converters + Inverter / Converter Combo Units + DC Fuse Panels, AC Circuit Breaker Panels + Ground Fault Outlets and Circuit Breakers + Electrical Wire Tracing

Program Length:  2 Hours, 16 Minutes

Batteries, Plumbing, Roof, Awning, Continued

Disc 2

Other Maintenance Items Needing Attention + Patio Awning Spring Replacement + Slideout Topper Replacement + Slideout Maintenance + Towed Vehicle Base Plate + Wiring Braking System Installation + Auxillary Braking System Installation + Towing A Vehicle + Towing Safety + Tow Bar Maintenance + Actual Testing Towed Vehicle to Motorhome + Hooking Up Towed Vehicle to Motorhome

Program Length: 2 Hours, 27 Minutes